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trimmingWe prune trees and shrubs to maintain natural shape, and to increase health and longevity in the landscape. LEARN MORE   removalWe have years of experience and the right equipment to safely remove trees. If you have a tree emergency please call our office number 516-781-6464. LEARN MORE   healthHealthy plants begin from the soil up and our  programs allow us to care for them naturally as if they were growing in optimal forest floor conditions. LEARN MORE   arboristWe offer many types of arborist consultation. LEARN MORE

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Tree removal requires skills and confidence
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  • Edmund Rizk

    I have been & remain a very pleased client of Tree Health for the past 15 yrs. When I first met Peter Felix I knew that he was a man I  could trust to care for the trees & shrubs on my property. Peter has continued to remain abreast of the latest in trends & treatments in his profession. When calling the office I am always greeted by a warm & friendly voice... READ MORE